Service Fields

1、Light & Textile Industry: pulp & paper making, paper product processing, food & fermentation, sugar making, beverage, brewery, dairy, instant & snack food, tobacco, plastic material and products, packaging & printing, cosmetics, fragrance & flavor, sanitary products, daily chemical products, domestic silicate, leather & fur products, garments, etc.

2、Commerce, Material &Grain Facilities: cold store, meat processing & slaughterhouse, fruit & vegetable processing, cereal processing, oil processing, quick-freezer, cereal & oil further processing, superstore and storage, wholesale market and logistics.

3、Chemical, Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical Industry: fuel ethanol, raw plastic material, plastic film, industry of fine chemical products, organic chemicals industry, industrial paint, biological products, oil and gas warehousing and transportation, pharmacy and medical appliance.

4、Agricultural & Forestry: timber processing, plywood board, forestry chemical, seed, fruit and vegetable processing.

5、Public Works: water supply engineering, drainage works, thermal power plant, heating center, gas supply, waste-water treatment, garbage treatment.

6、Civil Buildings: uptowns, public buildings (hotels, office buildings, schools, shopping centers, recreation & sports clubs. etc), large supermarkets and logistic distribution centers, sub-district planning, interior decoration.

7、Electric Power: power plants, terminal power station of factory

8、Urban Planning: urban master planning and regional planning

9、Electronics & Communications, Radio& TV: communication tower, electronic device, electronic terminal products.

10、Machinery: machinery for light industry(paper making, printing & packaging, food, ect.) and auto spare parts, electric appliance.

11、Pressure Piping: Class GB1、GC1 and GC2

12、Pressure Vessels: Class D